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Our friend Toby enjoys movies. He also enjoys drinking. Sometimes he combines the two and these reviews are the results.


For all those lazy f**ks out there who don't want to read a 500 odd word review, check out my quick and clear review of whatever films I've been watching to see how I really feel about them. No holds barred. If I hate it you will know, if I love it you will know, if it's average... it won't get a review.


The Nutty Professor (1996)


The Nutty Professor is great. Whether it be Eddie Murphy in a fat suit (...many fat suits) or the gerbil taking a shit in the Deans coffee, this is definitely not a movie to miss.

Its like Bowfinger but with more soul and more fried chicken and it spawned a whole new genre of classic movies of one actor playing multiple roles in different make up/suits.

His jokes as the Dad are priceless and everything he/she says as his Mother is gold... or should I say Hercules.

...there is a plot somewhere in this movie but I honestly only got 10 minutes in before I lost interest.

Woo! Fart jokes!

I think the plot has something to do with him becoming skinny cause he fat and "special". Believe in yourselves kids and you can do anything... Woo! More fart jokes!

Eddie does wear a bow tie... probably the coolest thing in the movie.

Really I'd put this on par as Beverly Hills Cop 3 (Eddie's greatest movie), the only thing lacking in this one is Okie Dokie.


Reviewed by Toby Zarb