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Our friend Toby enjoys movies. He also enjoys drinking. Sometimes he combines the two and these reviews are the results.


For all those lazy f**ks out there who don't want to read a 500 odd word review, check out my quick and clear review of whatever films I've been watching to see how I really feel about them. No holds barred. If I hate it you will know, if I love it you will know, if it's average... it won't get a review.



"Aliens" (1986)

                                            Bitch got balls .

                                            Bitch got balls.


OK, I wouldn't know how to write a review if it came up and bit me on the ass but after watching "Aliens" again recently I have decided it is the ultimate action film ever made, period.

F**k T2 (as amazing as it is), f**k all the other s**t, this is straight up sci-fi action done to perfection. It just doesn't happen anymore. I know a lot of people love "Alien" more than it's sequel due to it's thriller nature but this film just has something about it that makes it amazing.

                                                                       Bitch got bigger balls .

                                                                       Bitch got bigger balls.

Whether it be the one liners ("LET'S ROOOOCCCCKKKKKK!", "Game over man, game over!") or the extremely awesome double crossing that happens, I don't know, but when it comes to the "Alien" franchise I will always choose to watch "Aliens" first before anything else

That being said, now it's time to go back and watch "Alien"...




PS. Ripley is way more of a badass than John Connor.


Reviewed by Toby Zarb